Boutique Furniture and Homewares | Auburn & Green

This post is completely unrelated to wedding flowers. Instead its a bit of a brag about one of my dearest friends and her new furniture and homewares label; Auburn & Green.

Brieanna has impeccable taste and a fantastic eye for detail which is what makes this brand so great. You can trust that each piece in her collection is not only one of a kind but carefully searched for and hand picked by Brie. She sources beautifully made textiles and works with experienced craftsman to refurbish and restore each unique piece.

Along with that she has cool and quirky homewares to compliment her pieces. The only problem is choosing a favourite. I’m thinking my next purchase may have to be the Tropical Paradise Cushion.











Flower Crown Photo Shoot | Brisbane Florist

I got a lovely surprise a couple of weekend ago when Brooke Adams asked me to put together a flower crown for a shoot she was doing. Sometimes doing a shoot just for fun produces the best photos and in this case that’s definitely true. Can you believe the model isn’t wearing any makeup?! What a stunner! I love how simple this is. Water, white shirt and flower crown. Amazing.

Blossom and Twine_Head Piece_Flower Crown

Blossom and Twine_Head Piece_Flower Crown

Blossom and Twine_Head Piece_Flower Crown

Blossom and Twine_Head Piece_Flower Crown


Coral and Pink Wedding Flowers | Brisbane Wedding Florist

It’s probably no secret that I love tulips. They change colour slightly as the open, they keep growing after they’ve been cut and they are just all round amazing. There is one particular pink double tulip that I especially swoon over and when I first met with Emma to discuss her wedding florals I knew straight away that her and Miss Pink-Double Tulip were meant to be. Of course I couldn’t let the tulips steal the whole show. I had to add in some other coral and pink goodies but still, amongst the beautiful foliages and textures, there popped the double tulips just waiting for some attention.

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 20

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 24

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 1

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 15

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 8

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 16

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 18

Blossom and Twine_Wedding Flowers_Rustic_Coral 35


Topiaries at Beaumont | Brisbane Wedding Florist | Colourful Rustic Bouquet

When Bron asked me to do flowers for her wedding she said ‘i just want something colourful and happy!’ Probably two words most people would use to describe the bride herself. As soon as I hung up the phone I knew exactly how her bouquet was going to look. The bridesmaids wore a bright shade of coral and every nook and cranny of the ceremony was filled with trees and plants so something colourful and natural was in order. Coral and pink with lots of lush green and rustic dodda vine.

The day of Bron and Dave’s wedding was wet, windy and actually quite miserable but the look on their faces the entire day told a completely different story.  There really isn’t much that needs to be said as James Day Weddings captured is so skillfully. And the images of the bridal party out in the rain are just beautiful.

They chose Topiaries in Samford Valley for their reception which was perfect for their relaxed, rustic, country style wedding. Beautiful!

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 6

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 7 Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 13

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 9

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 11

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 8

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 16

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 19

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 17

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 18

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 2

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 5

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 4

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 3

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 1

Toparies_Wedding_Bright Rustic Bouquet 21

Toparies at Beaumont | Brisbane Wedding Florist | Blue & White Bouquets

Sometimes crisp and elegant blue and white does just the trick.

Hannah and Andy’s beautiful wedding was at Toparies Restauarant in Samford. Any wedding in Samford Valley is ok by me. They kept things simple with navy and white  and It really payed off.  Thought I’d show a little sneak peak of their bouquets before I get some professional images.

DSC_0125 facebook 2

Brisbane Florist | Be My Valentine


February 14th is sneaking up quickly! This day includes some of my favourite things – flowers, hearts, glitter and looove.

If you’d like to spoil your valentine this year or ask someone to be yours we have the perfect way to do it. Flowers of course! Taking orders now! xo